Welcome to My Blog ! I always liked to click the photographs around me, I like to keep moments safe, love to keep memories with me wherever I go, I travel, I enjoyed with my family, my friends, college group. I can just watch it anytime I want, I remember every moment. That is the only reason, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY.


       Myself Gaurav S. Madan from Kalyan (a small town guy with big dreams) I completed my school days, then started college, in which I was not at all interested so, my loneliness, thinking behind a level and along with love for travel n photography promoted me to work on it, taking snaps which would help me out to get more clear in my all doubts basically I am working from last two years on Photography & Graphic Designing.

      Photography is a passion for me, its not work for me at all, its just a look in other way towards the world, n collecting all moments of life which will not be coming again to us forever, its just to keep all moments safe with you.....that's the reason for what I love PHOTOGRAPHY...

     I prefer shooting outdoors most of the time because of better lighting conditions. My inspiration comes from the works of other photographers or techniques that I learn from books. My work is either inspired by others or happens to be a stroke of creativity that occurred at just the right moment.I have never received any formal training in art, design or photography. This site is updated occasionally with new pictures, designs & Videos.

   Here, I am working as a photographer, Videographer and designer too, taking assignments of designing banners, badges, pamphlet, brochure and many more. Provides designing for indoor and outdoor advertisement. Covering various events & college fest of Mumbai & other regions.


Gaurav Madan
Contact : 9768855580
Email : mgarts001@gmail.com

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